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Goodreads Reading Challenge

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Who else is doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2020? I set my goal for 20 books, I just finished one book a few weeks ago. It was called “This Is Where It Ends” At first I didn’t know exactly what this book was bout. All I saw from the cover was chalk sticks being blown up then after getting 15% into the book, I realized that this book isn't the book you think it was going to be. You guys should probably look up this book before deciding to read it, I didn't, which definitely should have. Yeah, after realizing what exactly this book was about, I did want to DNF the book, but I was already hooked, so might as finish it right? Some questions that you guys might ask me might be: “Really Mya? How couldn’t you figure that one out?” And to answer that question I was very busy worrying bout school and just asked for someone to buy it for me. After finishing it, I went on Goodreads and checked out what everyone thought about it. There were some comments that were good, others weren’t, but not every book is for people and that’s okay. To me, I could actually imagine everything that was happening in the book, thinking back to my high school’s auditorium, but I still enjoyed this book. It was really good, I cried… a lot.

That was the only book I read in 2020, I made a February TBR, so hopefully, I can get those books done. (I don’t think I will… I’m a VERY slow reader)


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