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Did I Read More Than One Book in February?

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Did I read more than one book in February? No. No, I did not. February is a very short month and it sucks cause I only finished Eighth Grade Bites, I guess cause it was a short and quick read. Hopefully, with the start of March, I can get a lot more books done.

I haven't planned out my March TBR, so I'll probably do it sometime today or tomorrow. I can tell you I'm going to continue with Saving Zoe then Fangirl. I am in the 100-page mark in Fangirl. I usually try hard to finish if I'm far in a book, but I don't know I'm not feeling Fangirl right now and that's okay to take a break.

Have a great Monday and I'll post my March TBR soon. Later!


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