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Review: Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I finished the book yesterday and it was really good. Love how it focuses on Echo finding closure with the death of her sister even though it wasn't a good way to get close while being in high, but love how Alyson showed the reader how Echo goes through the stages of grief. I rewatched the movie - which is still on Netflix by the time I post this - and I know that the movie won't be like the book, but it was okay. I did make a list of just somethings I thought was what we can have about lol.

Here are some nitpicky things I had:

  1. They combine both of Echo's friend into one person - which I understand with budget and casting, but still you know

  2. In the movie, Abby said that Marc torched his car after the police found it, but in the book, I don't think it said anything about Marc torching or getting rid of the car and at the end, the book Marc sells his car to buy a bench to have something to remember Zoe by.

  3. The interaction between Carly and Marc in the first couple minutes of the movie staring felt a little out of the blue - not going to say it's awkward because I don’t think that’s the right word for it.

  4. When Abby and Echo are walking home from school in the movie, they see Marc's new car -which is a Porsche - Echo smashes Marc's car window (like girl...really?!) just because she saw Zoe's diary on the seat, but in the book, Marc gives her the diary! Oh and in the movie Echo shows Abby Zoe's diary but throughout the entire book Echo didn't want anyone to know about her having Zoe's diary

  5. With this point, I was so upset with what the movie did - so in the book, Zoe knew who Marc was and that he moved to go to a boarding school, but in the movie they make them met at Carly's pool party like... Really?! Director... really??

  6. With the therapy sessions in the movie, I liked cause we got to see the family getting therapy together. In the book, Echo is the only one going to therapy because her parents thought it was good to do (which it is by the way). I do wish that Alyson did put a scene where Echo and her parents did do family counseling

  7. Last but not least, in the end of the book Teresa came to Echo's home to talk and Teresa tells Echo how she was over at Jason's house (gag - creepy, very creepy dude) and when he left she went to look around and found his set up of the website that Zoe and Carly used to post pictures of themselves and tapes of the females you know drugs and other stuff that I'm not comfortable saying even though it happens. Yeah...

All in all the movie was an okay adaptation, but the book is waayy better. Some of the characters didn't match up with the actors I imagined how they would look, but I love Vanessa and Laura Marano. Beautiful ladies and amazing actresses. Now on to the next book, which is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I promise I'm going to finish this book.


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