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May Wrap Up

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

For the month of May, I decided to not plan out my TBRs anymore because I was getting upset with the fact that the books I don't finish usually and always have to push books back and it sucks because there are some books I don't really want to read so this time, I'm going book to how I read books that I would read whatever I feel like in the moment cause it's more fun that way. The book I'm currently reading is called The Billionaire's Proposal. It's free on Kindle Unlimited.

Here's the blurb:

Calvin Michelson needs to get married and produce an heir so his fly by night cousin won't inherit the family legacy and fortune when he dies. This is business for Calvin. He has every intention of resuming his playboy life after marriage so he needs a woman who is willing to bear a child and put up with his ways. After a quick conversation with a family member, Calvin realizes that the perfect bride was right in front of him all along.

Yvonne Moore has worked for Mr. Michelson for ten years. He was a good boss and he had never expressed interest in the efficient assistant with dark-framed glasses who always wore her hair in a bun. So when her billionaire boss asked her to marry him, she laughed her head off - until she realized he was serious. Yvonne wants time to think about it. Calvin is not a patient man. He's in hot pursuit in convincing Yvonne to marry him and have a child. What Calvin and Yvonne didn't bank on was falling in love.

So I will give you my review on this book and I will find a good recommendation soon.


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