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Review: Eighth Grade Bites

Updated: Apr 24

I really love this book as my inner eighth-grade self was coming out during the entire reading. During the last few chapters, I really thought Otis was just being a creepy man, but nope! Was bamboozled!

I made comments in the book like on page 130 where Otis come to Vlad's house since he wasn't at school and what I wrote was "You're supposed to be here sir! You're supposed to be in school teaching, not checking up on one of your students." and on the next page where Otis says "Do you feel threatened by me?" my response... "Yes I do, Mr. Otis. You're creeping me out, sir!" There is more, but we would be here forever so I'll give you the ones I thought were funny.

I love how Henry is the real MVP for sticking with Vlad through thick and thin, that's best friend goals. I also loved how Nelly was treating Vlad as a normal teenager and not some bloodsucking creature, but I have to say I love the characters. They were so reliable for being eighth-graders. I really hope to be able to read the rest of the series.

I rated this 5 stars, but I guess if I read this when I got in middle/high school I would probably have a different rating maybe or probably just have the same rating and reason as to why I love this book. Now on to the next one.


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